Non-owned Auto Coverage and Every Business Policy Should Have It – And YOU Simply MUST Have It!

Even businesses that own fleets of autos sometimes use vehicles that do not belong to them. Often, a business asks an employee to run an errand or visit a customer or vendor using that employee's car.

You as an employer become legally liable for anything an employee acting on the business's behalf does while behind the wheel.

If there’s an accident while delivering your product, the lawsuits and accompanying legal costs that will confront your business are serious and can even be CATASTROPHIC.

One Pizza, One Delivery, One Accident.. That’s All It Takes.. Every Time a Delivery Goes Out – Your Entire Financial Future Goes With It!

Many types of businesses use autos their employees own . Some examples:
  • Businesses that do not provide company cars for salespersons
  • Architects, attorneys, engineers, and other professionals who make site visits
  • Any organization that sends employees to offsite meetings or professional conferences
  • Contractors who borrow trucks on job sites or who send employees to get tools
  • Any organization that sends employees to run business errands


While it is possible that the employee’s personal auto insurance policy for you, you simply CANNOT RELY ON IT!

It is certainly NOT guaranteed. Also, you just never know the amount of insurance people buy - many people simply buy the minimum amount of insurance required by state law, so any coverage the employer shares with the employee may be used up quickly. AND - you just never know they failed to pay the premium!

WARNING: Many personal auto insurance companies REDUCE limits if the auto is used for Pizza Delivery – are you ready to review the Auto Insurance Policy of every employee??

Buy Delivery [ Non Owned Auto] Liability And Protect Yourself..

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